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You can reach many interesting sights in and around the Lüneburg Heath from our Heidezauber cottages. Visit endearing and interesting places, or take a day trip to the Hanseatic cities of Hamburg and Lüneburg. A varied range of leisure and culture awaits you here.

Our tips for sightseeing

Bad Fallingbostel (travel time: 30 Min)
Unspoiled landscape and interesting cultural sights, such as the Hof Heidmark, the Archaeological Museum as well as the St. Dionysius Kirche and the Megalithpark can be visited here.

Buchholz in der Nordheide (travel time: 45 Min)
You can take a particularly lovely stroll under large tree in the town center of this little heathland town. In addition to Regionalpark Rosengarten, other attractions are the Wildpark Schwarze Berge, the Freilichtmuseum Kiekenberg and the Schmetterlingspark (butterfly park). You can also visit the film museum in Bendestorf just a few kilometers from Buchholz.

Celle (travel time: 60 Min)
There is much to discover in this former residence of the dukes. In addition to the impressive palace grounds, there are also the adornments of the historic half-timbered houses in the historic city center. Visit the Bomann Museum, the historic palace theatre or one of the many beautiful parks in Celle. Horse lovers should visit the world-renowned state horse-breeding farm, founded in 1735.

Lüneburg (travel time: 40 Min)
This salt city marked by the middle ages attracts visitors with its predominant merchant houses and historic brick buildings, which even today reveal the former wealth of the patrician families. Of particular interest is the town hall of this Hanseatic city. You will find a diverse retail sector under the roofs of the old town monuments, and you will want to linger in the quaint restaurants and pubs.

Hamburg (travel time: 46 Min)
The popular Hanseatic city is not at all far away, and in any case is worth a day trip. Visit numerous sights, such as the Hafencity, the Maritime Museum, the fish market and much more...

Visselhövede (travel time: 36 Min)
Visit the historic city center with its marketplace and inviting streets. Also worth seeing are the St. Johanniskirche and the historic granary or storage house (Heidespeicher). It is said that the Dog joined the Town Musicians of Bremen in this locale's royal court (as per the fairy tale).

Celle in Südheide
Places of interest in Lüneburg
Tip of the day: The Hanseatic city of Hamburg
Admire the half-timbered architecture
Historic church in Visselhövede