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The municipality of Bispingen

Our holiday location of Bispingen is located in the middle of the Lüneburg Heath nature park. You can reach us about 15 km northeast of Soltau via exit 43a of the A7 federal highway. Our cottages are on the outskirts of Bispingen and yet centrally located on a quiet, idyllic plot of land with meadows and forest.

Today the greater municipality of Bispingen consists of the districts of Behringen, Borstel in der Kuhle, Niederhaverbeck and Oberhaverbeck, Hörpel, along with Hützel, Steinbeck-Luhe, Volkwardingen and the heathland village of Wilsede.

Bispingen and its history

The first people settled in the upper valley of the Luhe in prehistoric times. The oldest known document from the year 1193 testifies to the sale of the "village along with accessories" to the bishop. The present name of the town developed this way: From "Biscopinge" (Bishopric, belonging to the bishop), it became today's Bispingen from the Langobardian linguistic usage, with the ending of "ingen".

Attractions in Bispingen

There are numerous attractions and monuments in the typical heathland village of Bispingen and its districts. Among other places worth a visit:

St. Antonius-Kirche (St. Anthony's Church)
The tower of St. Antonius-Kirche is today the landmark of the municipality of Bispingen. In the building of 1908, there is a baptismal font dating from 1406, along with the chancellery from 1648.

Burial mounds
Bronze age burial mounds can be seen near the districts of Behringen, Borstel and Volkwardingen. You can find out more about the burial grounds and their burial customs on presentation boards.

This historical church was erected from field stones in 1353. Since the extensive restoration of the church in 1973, the church has been inviting as a quiet retreat for everyone, and is also the stage for selected events.

The 10th Meridian
The 10th meridian runs directly through Bispingen. The local history and culture association has placed a granite stone on Hützeler Straße, which naturally embodies this meridian. A bronze tablet contains interesting information about this particular geographical phenomenon.

The Treppenspeicher (granary, storage house) in Volkwardingen
Visit one of the oldest storage buildings in the Lüneburg Heath. Beam inscriptions testify to the first construction measures taken in 1600 and 1702.


Other Attractions in the Bispingen municipality

There certainly isn't enough space to mention everything. Other attractions: the Iserhatsche landscape park, the 7-hectare Lake Brunau with swimming options, the Borsteler Kuhlen with its beautiful views, the Calluna porcelain factory in Hörpel, the heathland village of Wilsede in the middle of the nature reserve and the Söhlbruch, a true primeval forest near the heathland village of Hützel.

Houses in the town centre of Bispingen
The town centre of Bispingen
Window of der kleinen Speicher
Der kleine Speicher (granary, storage house store)
The attraction OleKerk and a historical pastor's house
The OleKerk and the pastor's house
The attraction Treppenspecher in Bispingen
The Treppenspeicher in the Volkwardingen district
Timber-framed in Hörpel
Heathland timber-framed architecture
A jungle in the Lüneburg Heath
The Sölbruch in the Hützel district
The attratction Iserhatsche
The Iserhatsche heathland castle