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General Terms and Conditions

Claudia and Sven Jakobs, hereinafter "Landlords", Am Park 2a, 29646 Bispingen, are active as the owners and Landlords of the "Bispinger Heidezauber" cottages.

1.  Trip registration/accommodation contract

With your booking notification you are entering a binding accommodation contract with the Landlords. The accommodation contract is deemed to have been concluded once the cottage has been accepted via a booking confirmation or - if a written acceptance was not possible due to time constraints - also verbally or by phone.

2. Provision of cottages 

Booked cottages will be available to you upon the day of arrival from 16:00 (cottage Weissdorn) or 17.00 (cottage Hartriegel). Unless a later arrival time has been expressly agreed, the Landlords reserve the right to make booked cottages, available to others after 18:00. Claims for damages cannot be asserted if in an exceptional case the provision of the booked cottages does not proceed by 16:00 or 17:00 respectively. You will be asked to leave the cottages no later than 10:00 (cottage Weißdorn) or not later than 11:00 (cottage Hartriegel) on the day of departure. The Landlords are entitled to charge additional fees for late departures.

3. Travel cancellation insurance

No travel cancellation insurance is included in the rental price. The Landlords recommend timely conclusion of such insurance.

4. Payment

4.1. Payments are to be made by bank transfer to our account DE86 2406 0300 4803 4967 02 at the Volksbank Lüneburger Heide.

4.2.  The total of the booking amount must be credited to our account 30 days prior to arrival at the latest. Reservations on short notice, less than 30 days prior to arrival, must be paid in full prior to the arrival.

4.3. The Landlords are only bound to the booking confirmation if the payment at the agreed rate have been credited to their business account before arrival. There is no entitlement to the property and contractual services without payment in full.

5. Cancellation/rescission of contract

5.1. Before the date of arrival, the contract may be canceled in accordance with the following provisions:

Receipt of the written rescission notice by the Landlords is decisive for meeting the deadlines.

In the event of your rescission, the Landlords may require flat-rate cancellation fees, whereby saved expenses and alternate occupancy of the property will be taken into account.

With the customer's rescission, the following conditions apply:

- For a rescission up to the 60th day before the beginning of occupancy, 50 euros.

- In the case of rescission from the 59th to the 30th day before the beginning of occupancy 50% of the total price.

- In the case of rescission from the 29th day to the day before the beginning of occupancy, 80% of the total price.

- If you do not arrive or cancel after beginning the trip, the full billed amount will be due or cannot be refunded.

5.2. Claims and rights arising from the agreements concluded in the accommodation contract may only be transferred to third parties with the consent of the Landlords. If you assure alternative occupancy for the confirmed accomodation period, the Landlords will charge a processing fee of 25 euros for expenses. If the Landlords manage to otherwise occupy the property in the contract period, the fee for expenses will be in the amount of 50 euros.

6. Rescission by the Landlords

The Landlords can terminate the contract after the beginning of occupancy if behavior in violation of the contract is present despite warning (this can also be undertaken verbally), resulting in immediate, justified cancellation of the contract. This particularly applies in the case of intentional or negligent damage to the land, the booked cottages, and the inventory. If the Landlords cancel, they are entitled to claim the total price. They will nonetheless factor in the value of saved expenses, as well as those benefits that they gain from alternative occupancy of the property.

7. Unused services

If you do not use contractual services, in particular as a result of late arrival or early departure due to illness, or for other reasons which the Landlords are not or not fully responsible for, you will have no entitlement to a pro-rata refund. However, the Landlords will refund amounts which they obtain from alternative rental of the property.

8. Terms of use

8.1. You will be asked to check the inventory list immediately after arrival. The Landlords must be informed of any shortages no later than on the third day of the stay.

8.2. The Tenant and the fellow travelers have to keep the booked cottages clean during their stay and are responsible for a thorough cleaning before their departure.The final cleaning will be undertaken by the Landlords or their contractors.

8.3. The Tenant has to treat the booked cottages, their inventory and the grounds with care and according to the house rules in the latest guest folder. The folder is given in digital format to the Tenant before arrival. It is also available in paper form on site. In the event of damages that occur during the Tenant's stay to the booked cottages, their inventory and the grounds, the Landlords are entitled to charge the Tenant the incurred damage costs.

8.4. The Tenant and the Landlords can complete a handover protocol on the day of arrival (check-in). In addition, the Landlords are entitled to raise a deposit of up to 300 €. The deposit is payable in cash to the Landlords.

8.5. If the Tenant refuses to sign the handover protocol on the day of arrival (check-in) or the requested deposit is not paid, the Landlords are entitled to withdraw from the contract immediately. In this case, the Landlords shall transfer the full rental price to a bank account of the Tenant on the day of arrival.

8.6. If a handover protocol and / or a deposit are used on the date of arrival, the Tenant and the Landlords shall update the protocol on the day of departure (check-out). For additional damage, the Landlords are entitled to withhold the full deposit. In a case of no additional damage, the Landlords will refund the deposit in cash to the Tenant. For damage documentation, additional photos can be used. Regardless the retention of the deposit, the terms of use in section 8.3 shall apply.

 8.7. Claims and complaints due to accommodation contract services that have not been received in accordance with the contract are to be communicated to the Landlords without delay during your stay.

9. Liability of the Landlords

9.1. The Landlords are liable for all services that have been agreed with you. The Landlords' liability is limited to damage that has been caused by the Landlords intentionally or through negligence. The liability is limited to the double of the rental price.

9.2. The Landlords are not liable for performance defects of third parties which are not directly connected with the property and the contractual services, and for damage caused by the Tenant or his fellow travelers due to incorrect or improper use of the land, the occupied property, or its facilities.

9.3. The Landlords shall not be liable for any loss or damage to items you have brought with you, including vehicles. Bringing your own property into the rental property, including driving and parking your vehicle in the parking place, is undertaken at your own risk.

9.4. The Landlords do not carry out snow removal and salt spreader work on the entire property. However, they provide the required equipment and road salt to the Tenants. The Landlords shall not be liable for any damage resulting from failure of snow removal and salt spreader work.

10. Limitation period, other

10.1. Your claims and those of your fellow travelers against the Landlords, regardless of their legal basis, but with the exception of claims arising from unlawful acts, will expire 6 months after the contractual end of occupancy.

10.2. Assignment of any of your claims in connection with this contract is excluded.

10.3. If individual preceding provisions should be ineffective or become ineffective, the other remaining provisions will continue to be valid, and the effectiveness of the contract shall remain unaffected.

11. Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is agreed to be the district court of Soltau. German law shall apply exclusively. Special agreements require the written form.